World of Pong


Solo project, May 2008.

An experimental massively multiplayer online game with a quite hostile player community.

Thanks to Joel Nyström and Daniel Remar for help and suggestions!


The reticule



17 Comments on “World of Pong”

  1. Nixa Says:

    I remember when it was posted on GMC forums.. it went viral :)
    And I just had mindblown when I noticed ParkwayDriveKicksUrAss guy in the chat. Named like my favorite band. In that time I didnt even know they exist. Good old times…

  2. 混乱羽翼 Says:

    I think i was crazy ….

  3. Took me level 100 to realised they were bots..

  4. uhA|da Says:

    Don’t read this, if you havn’t played the game:

    This is kind of scarry .. When I realised, that there are only bots by repeating “ARE YOU REAL” and not getting any answers and found out that I actually didn’t talk to anybody at all, I got a lonely and strangely creepy feeling. This game doesn’t have any direct goal, but the idea is really fascinating and artistic!

    Svedäng takes games to a rarely seen artistic level, and I love it :)

  5. […] of RPG game play. Some were designed with larger teams, while others, like the massive online RPG World of Pong (pictured), are available for free from his […]

  6. Sel Says:

    I realized that there is only bots only after 2 days

  7. Hilers Says:

    I love the idea. You took a classic and gave it the largest multiplayer group I have ever seen in Pong.
    -Pros: Classic, epic, good place to just talk (except for the rude peeps)
    -Cons: Monotonous(It IS Pong though, so no biggy), people often seem confused and ask many questions in-game
    Love the game, keep up the genius! ^.^

  8. Chris Says:

    Hmmm–‘An experimental massively multiplayer online game with a quite hostile player community.’…isn’t that already in existance and called ‘Eve Online’?

  9. Kjell Says:

    When is the sequel due?

  10. furious Says:

    u fukin moron there is no multiplayer just bots. repeating the same lines.

  11. okayyyy Says:

    awesome. very creative.

  12. […] of Pong – et anderledes MMOGHvis du ikke rigtig ved hvad du skal finde på. Ja så kan jeg anbefale World of Pong. Det er et MMO der er bygget på det klassiske Pong. Man starter med at vælge navn – og om man vil […]

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