I really enjoy giving lectures, talks and workshops. Here is a list of the ones I have already prepared, contact me for booking and more information. All lectures can be given in either Swedish or English.


Crafting Interactive Experiences in Unity

A series of workshops on how to make things using the game creation tool Unity. Aimed towards beginners, no prior experience is required.

1 – 5 occasions, 3 h each

Designing Slice & Dice

A participatory lecture where I take the audience through my mental process of designing a 2 player card game.

1 h

The Creation of Clairvoyance

A lecture about the asynchrounous computer board game Clairvoyance. I talk both about the design process and the actual production of the game.

1 h

The Technology of Else Heartbreak

A look behind the scenes of Else Heartbreak, focuses on architecture and advanced programming techniques in C# and Unity.

45 min – 1 h

Three Games I’ve Made (together with some friends)

A lecture about Blueberry Garden, Kometen and Shot Shot Shoot where I talk about lessons learned and my journey as an independent game designer.

45 min – 1 h


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