Flipside of the Divine



School project (University of Skövde), 2007.

Flipside of the Divine is a puzzle/action game set in the world of Aztec mythology. It’s simple but fresh game mechanics seems to appeal to quite a lot of people. Try it out by downloading the beta version below!

Winner in the GoVisual competition at Nordisk Filmfestival, Fredrikshavn November 2007.

Winner in the Gameplayer and Paradox Interactive game making competition 2008.



Requires Windows and DirectX 9.

Note: This is a beta version. If the screen is black when the level starts, try pressing the ‘R’-key.


Erik Svedäng (lead designer & producer), Daniel Kaplan (lead artist), Pernilla Akterhall (lead programmer), Stefan Hurtig (designer & programmer), Markus Nurmimäki (designer), Björn Öjlert (designer), Johan Gren (artist), Daniel Rydin (artist), Johan Åberg (artist), Petter Mabäcker (programmer), Andreas Sundin (programmer), Christian Schmeikal (musician), Robert Norberg (musician).



21 Comments on “Flipside of the Divine”

  1. manar Says:

    it’s a great game,but it should be called flip side of the devil! 9 demons at the end of the line!!! and even thought i passed them,i can’t jump to the gate,a little help?

  2. Anton Says:

    how do y get over level 22 ?

    please tell me ))

  3. bobo Says:

    how do y get over level 22 ?

    it is killin’ me !

    please tell me …

  4. decor Says:

    beautiful game. excellent graphics and sound

  5. I played and reviewed this game months back on my site called Uhfgood’s Game Reviews. I’ve since renamed my site Indie Flux but the review is still there – http://indieflux.com/2009/03/05/see-you-on-the-flipside/

    Since I was notifying others of the change I was going to send an email, but decided this was less intrusive.

  6. Carl B. Says:

    Thank you for a very nice and entertaining game! Apart from the last level (have to agree with TomC and phiq, it’s just plain annoying and I couldn’t finish it either) I enjoyed playing it a lot! It’s nice to see there are still original ideas combined with nice technical implementation out there.

  7. TomC Says:

    Ok forget the golden birds. Is it even possible to finish “End of the line”? I spent over 1h34 on that level and I managed to kill all 9 demons and got the last jump with the spring board and no matter what I tried I could not land at the exit!

    Sooo frustrating :'(

  8. TomC Says:


    Great game, by the way, I really enjoyed it.

    But….is it really possible to get all the hidden Golden Birds? There are some that it’s just not feasibly possible to get! For example, level 16 Mish-mash. I can see the golden bird behind the three torches on the little island but how on earth do you get there?

    Plus I’ve even managed to get to some of the harder ones but then can’t get back so it doesn’t count?!

    Please put me out of my misery! :(


  9. Homer Simpson Says:

    Great game,great price!But i think it cries out for gamepad support.

  10. graylox Says:

    Hej, tack för Flipside! :)
    Though I do not like to play with the keyboard, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun with this game. The graphics are great and so is the sound (especially the cry when he again falls down into the great nothing, cause the jump was too short…).
    Tack so mycket!
    PS: found the link in the forums of

  11. David Long Says:

    I unzipped the file and tried the bat file.
    I chose the 3d choice.
    I got a black screen. I tried pressing the r key and nothing hapenned.
    Can you help?

  12. swat Says:

    i just downloaded,no comment

  13. Ed Barrett Says:

    Lets Hope

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