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Nordic Game Indie Night 2015

May 7, 2015


It turns out that I have two games nominated for the annual (and awesome) Nordic Game Indie Night. They’re not computer games though – this year I’m all cardboard!

The first one is my and Nicolai Troshinsky’s Slice & Dice (still looking for a publisher, *hint* *hint*). The second one is No More Money, a game made by Petri Purho and me at the last No More Sweden game jam, with wonderful art by Petri and Anna Zajaczkowska.

I’ll be there and show the games, so please stop by if you can!



Status updates

October 3, 2013

I felt like writing a few words about what I’m working on right now and what is going on with my projects.

Most obviously I’m working full time on finishing our big game Else Heartbreak! You can follow the progress here.

The illustrations (by Nicolai Troshinsky) for my card game Slice & Dice are also done (!!!) and I’m currently looking for a publisher. Feel free to contact me if you can help out with this.

I’m also giving some courses on how to build interactive worlds and games with Unity. After leaving my job as a teacher in Skövde I haven’t had much chance to do stuff like that but I really enjoy it and want to find more opportunities for teaching in the future.

This past weekend me and Danish composer Anders Monrad had an intense work-session where we made a small sound app for iPhone/iPad, it should be up on the App Store very soon (we have submitted it). Despite being very small and simplistic it’s a lot of fun to play with so be sure to try it out in a week or so.

Clairvoyance is still in beta since we are focusing all our time on Else Heartbreak right now. When this intense period of work is over (February 2014) I’ll try to reach version 1.0 as soon as possible, I promise. The game is very much working as it is now though, so feel free to try it out and you’ll get the full version when that is completed.

Oh, and this upcoming weekend there will be an event here in Gothenburg called Automat where there will be different indice arcade games shown. I’ll try to have some things on display, come by if you have the chance!

Yours sincerely,

Nicolai Troshinsky, Astigmatismo & my card game!

May 11, 2013

A still from Astigmatismo

In my last post here on the website I was looking for an artist for my card game and I found one!

His name is Nicolai Troshinsky and the best way to get to know more about him is to check out his website at It contains Illustrations, Animations, books, games and other art projects that he has done. His stuff is truly great so I’m very excited about this collaboration!

I met Nicolai two years ago in San Francisco during Game Developers Conference where he was showing his very fun (and unusual) iPad game Loop Raccord. Recently he has been working on an animated short film called Astigmatismo. The film has its own website at and you can even watch the whole thing for free there. Actually I think you should do that now!

Looking for an artist

March 31, 2013


Over three years ago (geez!) I designed and prototyped a board game that I became very happy with. Getting it ready for production has taken forever though, to the dismay of both me and several of my friends who seem to have enjoyed the game very much (sorry about that!) The biggest trouble has been the creation of illustrations for the different cards (the pictures used in the photo are just for the prototype and was stolen from the internet). So now I’m looking for someone who can draw the cards, preferably within the next few months. I really want to get this done soon!

The game is a kind of dueling game for two players and it takes about 30 – 45 minutes to play. It uses a variety of dice and a bunch of custom cards. There are roughly 18 card illustrations (with borders and backs) needed, plus art and logo for the box and rulebook. More details about the rules and theme of the game will be given to the person I decide to work together with. Payment will be a very fair revenue split but no money up front unfortunately, since I can’t afford that at the moment. Possibility of meeting up in Gothenburg or Stockholm is a plus but not a requirement.

Are you interested? Send an email to me at erik.svedang [at] with your portfolio and any relevant work that you have done.