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Nordic Game Indie Night 2015

May 7, 2015


It turns out that I have two games nominated for the annual (and awesome) Nordic Game Indie Night. They’re not computer games though – this year I’m all cardboard!

The first one is my and Nicolai Troshinsky’s Slice & Dice (still looking for a publisher, *hint* *hint*). The second one is No More Money, a game made by Petri Purho and me at the last No More Sweden game jam, with wonderful art by Petri and Anna Zajaczkowska.

I’ll be there and show the games, so please stop by if you can!



Gothenburg Indie Games Exhibition

August 4, 2012

Yesterday the Gothenburg-based organization Dataspelsakademin arranged a little exhibition with games made by people in the city. Me and my friends showed Clairvoyance, Quiddity and No More Meat (all unreleased). Some other noteworthy games on display were Residue, an iPad version of The Journey Down and a smoking hot build of Hotline Miami! The whole event was great and the visitors really took the time to try things out. Thanks a lot to everyone who came!

I was pretty busy observing people and learning what to fix in the games but I managed to snap a few blurry pics:

Playing the vegan card game that I made with Petri Purho and Anna Zajaczkowski during the No More Sweden game jam

Clairvoyance, Robert vs Per (getting some guidance from Oscar, our sound designer)

Hotline Miami was looking awesome, naturally

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