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Blueberry Garden is a short experimental game about curiosity and exploration. You take on the role of a creature investigating a mysterious world to find out what is going on there. It’s probably not very much like anything you’ve played before but I hope you will find it enjoyable!


Get it on Steam — only $5!

There is a demo version there too, so that you can make sure the game runs on your computer. The demo got no ending or goal though so don’t play it too much please, that would only ruin the experience I think.

If you don’t have Steam you can download a demo here.


If you have a technical problems with the game, please go to this page.


  • Independent Games Festival “Seumas McNally Grand Prize”, 2009
  • Swedish Game Awards “Best Innovation”, 2008

What people have said about it

“Erik’s Blueberry Garden is a playground of exploration and oddities. It’s beautifully calming yet fast-paced. It’s like every platformer you’ve ever experienced yet nothing like anything you’ve ever played. Most importantly, Blueberry Garden is definitely worthy of the prize bestowed upon it.” — Michael Rose,

Blueberry Garden was so beautiful I almost wanted to put it in a ribbon-wrapped box with a kitten and cry a little. And, it felt, a perfect coda to the week – showing the entire spread of games on offer – from the brash and brutal stimulations of the big boys, to a dainty little piece of indy magic.”  — Bobbie Johnson,

To return to my original comment, Blueberry Garden is your typical indie game, but in the best sense possible. It’s original and innovative whilst taking the finest parts of a well-tread genre and expanding them to show what can still be done to keep it fresh and involving.” — Rowan Davies, The Dead Pixel Post

“The first thing that striked me about BG was the sense of wonder i felt while walking in the garden. I felt like the world was without borders, and without real barriers. The more fruits i found, the more i was looking for more of them.” — Alessandro Toffoli

“A brilliant game concept that is executed with precision and presented beautifully. Intertwines graphics, sound and gameplay and evokes the feeling that the game world is truly alive.” — Swedish Game Awards Jury

“Blueberry Garden is a one-of-a-kind experience that you shouldn’t pass up. With multiple attempts, the game offers a few hours of excellent and challenging problem-solving adventuring. Despite its short length, the magically evolving garden and joyous drive for exploration it instills makes this game worth every cent of its incredibly affordable $5 price tag.” — Nathan Meunier, GreenPixels

“Blueberry Garden is a one-of-a-kind experience and a star of the indie gaming community. It preserves some of gaming’s most cherished elements — exploration, creativity, and discovery — and does so with a subtle artistic style we so rarely see in games today.” — John Bardinelli, JayIsGames

Thoughts on Bluberry Garden

Minimalism in video games:  considering Blueberry Garden







Cover art


378 Comments on “Blueberry Garden Official Page”

  1. bobby brown Says:

    steam sucks i already cant play the game :(
    is there a posibility to get my money back ?

  2. optibrepe Says:

    Думаю, эту тему позволительно развивать до бесконечности

  3. We reviewed this game recently on our site, you can read it here:

    Very interesting game! Read the review to find out more of what we had to say!

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  5. ofen Says:

    Found this one on steam.
    The small games are often the most atictive ones.

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  12. […] with some people’s ideals of what a game is, which is no surprise coming from the guy who made Blueberry Garden. It’s because Kometen is not a “traditional” game as you can’t win or lose – there is […]

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  15. […] basada en el arte de sus gráficos y música. Su creador Eric Svedäng, ya ganó el IGF en 2009 con Blueberry Garden,aunque este parace ser más […]

  16. […] priset en oberoende spelutvecklare kan vinna – Seumas McNally Grand Prize på IGF, med Blueberry Garden. Nu har han tagit hjälp av multitalangen Niklas Åkerblad för att leverera ännu ett spel som […]

  17. Paul Reoyo Says:

    Hello. I have just played this game, and find it marvelous. Most enjoyable and calming game I have ever played. I do have one question. How did you think up this amazing game? Like… What was the inspiration to create this? As stated before, amazing game, and cannot wait for your next games. :)

  18. […] Due to my recent experiences, my answer is no.  Yesterday I wanted to try an indie game, and tried to download its demo. But Steam servers were too busy to handle that request. I tried it […]

  19. […] countryside, listens to Sagor & Swing and makes games. The synthesis of all this is his game Blueberry Garden, a wonderful magical journey of exploration and discovery. As a player, we assume the role of a […]

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  21. […] Svedäng is best known for his work on Blueberry Garden, which won the grand prize at Indie Games Fest 2009. I played the game last winter and loved it to […]

  22. Chris Says:

    My 3yr old loves this game! 2 important questions:

    1. is there a level editor where I make new levels? or other levels available to download?

    2. is there a sequel?

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Oh, happy to hear that!

      1. No, I’m sorry. Have you tried the “Blueberry Playground” that I added with the patch? There you can play around and see how different animals interact with the fruits and so on.
      2. No, there won’t be a “Blueberry Garden 2” but I will make more games that I hope you and your child will like!


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  25. […] Svedang, who developed the award winning PC game Blueberry Garden that is available on the Steam network, has announced his first iPhone and iPod Touch game. Erik […]

  26. […] Svedang, who developed the award winning PC game Blueberry Garden that is available on the Steam network, has announced his first iPhone and iPod Touch game. Erik […]

  27. […] Svedäng, creator of the acclaimed experimental PC title Blueberry Garden and winner of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, has announced […]

  28. Pessimiste Says:

    Can you please post some wallpapers ^_^. This game is awesome but i cant play it in my PC. I love it, its like watching and being part of a surrealist paint (for me).

  29. […] have since become family favourites. Currently these are The World of Goo and Samorost2 as well as Blueberry Garden. The Flipster, his firends and The Dutchman and I come back to these time and time again. They are […]

  30. Jen Says:

    I love it! A lot! Music and art and exploring !
    Thank you =]

  31. […] Blueberry Garden, eine mysteriöse Welt die es zu erkunden gilt. Doch welchen Einfluss hat mensch dabei? Via Steam für fünf Euro für PC zu haben. Gewinner des “Seumas McNally Grand Prize”. […]

  32. Gaming « Says:

    […] have since become family favourites. Currently these are The World of Goo and Samorost2 as well as Blueberry Garden. The Flipster, his firends and The Dutchman and I come back to these time and time again. They are […]

  33. gamer Says:

    Tried to play it on Windows XP, but my Intel graphics card was way too slow for it to work.

  34. […] , Knytt, Eufloria, Chocolate Castle, De Blob, Blueberry Garden and The Endless Forest are just a few other games you can check out, but there are many more. A […]

  35. […] Fatale was surprisingly good, although I have to admit I enjoy the ensuing discussions even more. Blueberry Garden – The winner of this year’s IGF didn’t see a lot of press outside of the […]

  36. […] Command by Data Realms and Blueberry Garden by Erik Suedang were the next two games i played. Cortex Command I didn’t particularly enjoy; […]

  37. rosedragon Says:

    I don’t like the full version, the water run soo fast.

  38. […] Minecraft (Markus Persson) [Browser, paid, free previews] – Wonderful sandbox-style world builder. Blueberry Garden (Erik Svedang) [Windows, paid, free demo] – Very experimental, very atmospheric. Time Gentlemen, […]

  39. […] jag pratar om är Blueberry Garden; Svårt att förklara egentligen vad du ska göra i spelt mera än att utforska och samla på […]

  40. Ross Says:

    This game looks very intriguing, and I would love to give it a try. However, for various reasons, I won’t touch Steam. Is there any other way to buy your game?

  41. […] here’s Erik Svedang’s blog, for more […]

  42. pandigital Says:

    This game is lovely – but is there is a way to reamp the home key for mac users ? Is there an ini file maybe ?

    Thanks :)

  43. Eri Says:

    I hope you’ll consider making Linux ports for your future games, it would benefit both sides. Thx!

  44. Annie Says:

    Oops. Meant Blueberry Garden, not Flower. Reading about many games this morning.

  45. Annie Says:

    Saw the article in NY Times; would buy for self and as gifts but we all have Macs. Glad you will develop for Macs in the future but wish Flower could be there too.

  46. Nasreddin Says:

    No Mac version = no buy. :(

    • eriksvedang Says:

      I’m terribly sorry for that. I have been looking into porting possibilities but it seems pretty rough. I promise that all my future games will work for Mac though (since I believe that’s a highly superior platform).

      Thanks for stopping by!

  47. Gary Thomas Says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation of the game at B.A.F yesterday, thought the game was really creative and individual… will be looking forward to future releases. very well done

  48. […] year: 224) competing for the top prize of $20,000. Last year’s winner, Erik Svedang’s Blueberry Garden, was picked up for distribution on […]

  49. Gry klasy B Says:

    […] nagrodę zdobyła zaprojektowana przez Erika Svedanga gra Blueberry Garden, którą można pobrać za symboliczną opłatą 5 dolarów. Na stronie Svedanga dostępna jest […]

  50. […] year: 224) competing for the top prize of $20,000. Last year’s winner, Erik Svedang’s Blueberry Garden, was picked up for distribution on […]

  51. […] year: 224) competing for the tip esteem of $20,000. Last year’s winner, Erik Svedang’s Blueberry Garden, was picked up for placement on […]

  52. […] year: 224) competing for the top prize of $20,000. Last year’s winner, Erik Svedang’s Blueberry Garden, was picked up for distribution on […]

  53. […] trailer for the indie game Blueberry Garden by Erik Svedang. Interesting art style and atmosphere. […]

  54. someone Says:

    I hope you’ll consider making a Linux version, or making it open source.

  55. tayron Says:

    well, how’s the update coming?

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Hi, thanks for asking!

      I have some minor fixes done, I just wished I could make a more substantial patch… I guess I should release what I have and see if I can add the other stuff later.


  56. […] Visit link: Blueberry Garden Official Page « […]

  57. […] Blueberry Garden (PC)Publisher: Valve (Steam)Designer: Erik Svedäng […]

  58. […] Indie games are often stereotyped as being quirky, short,  fun, and weird for the sake of weird.  That’s not always fair – but those words pretty accurately sum up Blueberry Garden. […]

  59. […] had this indie game pack for like 30bucks and you got like 10 games. One of them happened to be Blueberry garden. The trailer videos for blueberry garden always made me wonder what on earth was blueberry garden […]

  60. Brew Says:

    Hi Erik. Awesome game, really enjoying it so far. My only problem is, I cannot figure out how to get the 2 objects on the bottom left of the map. I think it is the camera and the cheese. I have tried using the onions and the red berries, but they just make the gaps smaller so they cannot be used. How do you get these objects?

  61. Bosco Says:


    Great game! I love the world and the music. It is something new and something I feel the indie world needed.

    Keep up the work,


  62. PLantera Says:

    Mycket annorlunda och trevligt spel. Musiken är helt underbar och skapar en fantastisk känsla. Längtar efter nästa spel. Tack så mycket Erik!

  63. […] Path, Dear Esther, Blueberry Garden, Mad World and many others provide the player with input that we assume is narrative-related. But […]

  64. Robin Says:


    Will you ever mac it for mac?
    would be so great.



  65. Frasse Says:

    do you code the games yourself. if not, who does it and in what platform?

  66. Steve Peuckert Says:

    Hi, Won’t launch– says 3D— pixal & vertex error. My laptop not up to speed. It plays just about everything else??

  67. Jonathan Says:

    Hello Erik and all,

    I just played Blueberry Garden for the second time. First time I was a little tired, mildly confused, a little bit disorientated, and thoroughly entertained. The music makes me want to cry! It sounds like there is no hope for this little blueberry dude.

    Tonight, gameplay reminded me a lot of a boy and his blob on the NES back in the day. Not that you have a blob or anything, but the genuine feeling of adventuring just cast my mind back to that game.

    Every now and then, Mr Blueberry gets a little stuck on the floors there, maybe they are a bit jagged for him. Poor guy.

    I loved this game. I think I could play it for hours on end. Congrats on an excellent game, and thanks for the password into your secret lair.

  68. […] What’s the best way to flatten an uneven garden? (Aug 25, 2009) […]

  69. […] Blueberry Garden: The first of a couple “exploration” games on the list. For the record, I’ve come to determine that I hate games like this. Games that encourage exploration are fun. Games where that’s all you have to go on are not. Games are meant to have goals (which Blueberry Garden DOES have, I’m told), and more importantly, feedback to assist in achieving those goals. Wandering trying to figure out what to do next loses its appeal quickly. The game looks nice, at least. […]

  70. Svend Says:

    Creating what appears to be a great indie game: +1
    Releasing same game on Steam ONLY: -1
    Total score: 0

  71. Chris Donovan Says:

    I finished(?) the game and, I, uh, saw something of interest on the last page. I went to copy it down, and it vanished!!! Losing is one thing, but missing out on the reward is something else.

    Awesome game. I’ve tried making a few freeware games, and this is an inspiration to try again.

  72. Thanks for the link, Erik! And keep up the totally rad work!

  73. Ibrin Says:

    Wanted to let you know that we posted an analysis of how Blueberry Garden supports widescreen over at the Widescreen Gaming Forum. Thanks for the great support of widescreen aspect ratios. You can see the entry on our news page, and a link to the full report.

  74. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the awesome game! I love it when people try something new, I think I’d like something slightly different for the ending, but it’s awesome nonetheless! I’ll keep an eye out for your next game!

  75. John in USA Says:

    Hello, the game looks great. I bought it on Steam yesterday and when I run it the mouse cursor is invisible, and I cannot get past the opening menu.

    My system meets the requirements, and I am running a fully-updated version of Windows Vista. Any idea what I need to do?

    Thank you!

    • Tim Says:

      Just use your keyboard to navigate the menu as the mouse is not utilised at all throughout the game. ‘Tis a little strange for a modern application.

  76. […] $19.95: Braid, World of Goo, The Path, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden (full value of these games is […]

  77. Laleys MO Says:

    Would like to try the game, but only from a site that doesn’t require me opening an account with them and who accepts paypal. Steam didn’t provide either for me.

  78. shadow Says:

    how do you download the demo?

  79. Stuart Says:

    I must be so stupid.. I don’t get this… You have to collect the large objects i’m guessing? At first i thought they killed me! But now I see they stack and then you use that hight to get more…
    But whats with the blueberries and rocks?
    You can’t fly with them to higher places, so they’re seemingly useless, and would be a lot more helpfull near, say, the pencil…
    I’m so stupid (weaps gently)

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Noooo, of course you’re not stupid! Seems like you’re on the right track. Just try again and see if you can figure it out by yourself =)
      And the blueberries are really good for you!

      (…but rocks are kinda useless, yes)

      • Stuart Says:

        Oooh, oooh, i get the point of the fruit now.. i won’t spoil anything further though. An ability to save would be a wonderfull upgrade, but you get back to where you were pretty quick i guess.
        Nice game Erik ^_^

  80. CSSnoob Says:

    im so sorry, but i searched everywhere and i’m too dump to find the sheet musik for piano, please could someone else post a link so i could find a download for the sheet ? thx

  81. cheemzy Says:

    from others comments, it seems like they’re really enjoy it. sugestions: what if you make in 3D picture …

  82. […] real-time strategy game”; Osmos, an ambient physics arcade game; and (the ambient-feeling) Blueberry Garden is “a fairytale made out of play, set in an ever-changing […]

  83. Brandon Says:

    This is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. I purchased it yesterday by recommendation and I will be recommending this game to everyone I know. The developers deserve the support.

  84. […] Zeit höre ich viel und gerne (auch zum Joggen) den Soundtrack des wunderbaren Indie-Spiels Blueberry Garden. Die Musik macht das Spiel meiner Meinung nach erst perfekt, genau an der richtigen Stelle und mit […]

  85. Tyler Says:

    I didn’t think that the game looked like anything new or exiting from reading about it and watching the trailer, but I decided to give it a try, after all it did win the IGF grand prize. After playing the demo for a few minutes I was very impressed. It has new and innovative game play mechanics that are fun to explore, and change the way you play the game, unlike some other games where new ideas feel unnecessary and awkward. I also loved the amount of instructions the game gives, enough so you are not trying to figure out controls, but still plenty of room to explore and figure stuff out on your own. I am definitely going to buy the full game. Great job Erik!

  86. tontonchibron Says:

    Good job !

    really hope there will be other games like this one. I am an hardcode gamer, and that’s great to play simple and creative games

    Erik > (EA + all the other douches)

    /bow from France :=)

  87. Aesteban Says:

    Your game looks pretty sweet, so is it possible to send you directly the 5$ and get in return a copy of the game with a serial?

    I simply don’t want to give money to valve for your work.

  88. dumpmunster Says:

    Eric, a Mac port would be awesome if you get a chance. Us mac guys love smart aesthetics and this game sure has that in spades!

    A lot of mac ports just use wine , and the .app format makes it pretty easy to use a system like cedega to port it and then package it as a .app binary that looks and feels native.

  89. Anand Says:

    You should try to get this on Xbox live arcade…

    My PC is absolute shit and I would also love to play it from my couch…

  90. […] a marketing perspective Blueberry Garden, created by Erik Svedang and has won a few awards for it, is a platformer. The basic walk and […]

  91. Christeen Says:

    What systems does this game run on? I have a Mac and I can’t seem to find this anywhere!!!

  92. […] juillet 2009 in Uncategorized Blueberry est une jeu vidéo indépendant créé par Erik Svedäng. Il a remporté le grand prix de […]

  93. Vincent Dzik Says:

    I’m starting a petition!! If you want a Mac version, go here:

  94. Andrea Rubbini Says:

    a superb game, enhanced by a piano that reveals how much music can do for videogames.

    looking forward to enjoy your next idea.

  95. Jeff Says:

    *Potential spoiler alert?*

    Man.. really enjoyed the game, but then it had some kind of “object instancing” error and crashed. Just when I thought I made my tower tall enough to reach the top of the moon… but still, the game was worth every penny and beyond :D

  96. Lewis Says:

    Can somebody please help me?

    i havew played through this amazing game about 10 times now and by now I always manage to turn the tap off. However, I cannot for the life of me go any further!

    What does that sign mean?!?!

    I don’t want a full walkthrough or anything but I would really appreciate a hint! Thanks a lot.

  97. orion_black Says:

    I just bought it a couple of hours ago and it has been totally cool. I love nearly every aspect from the game ambience, music, graphic style and specially the fact that you can experiment with fruits, and so, and virtually do whatever you want instead of what you had been told to. Keep programming awesome stuff.

    • MMORPG Says:

      This is Great and cool!
      I really love exploring new thing, just like Blueberry Garden. You are like a investigator to solve and investigate Blueberry Garden mysterious world.

  98. FenrisWolf Says:

    This game seems amazing. I just downloaded the demo, and must say, it’s simply beautiful. I have a problem when I play it, though. A little ways into it (probably about 10-15 minutes) the game seems to freeze up. I can change him from standing in the air to flying, but I can’t move him anywhere. I can hear the sounds and everything, though. Any suggestions?

    The game is amazing though. Even from the few minutes I played in the demo, I was having so much fun. I will buy this game for sure. I love indy games, and this is exactly what I like. Thank you so much for making this game. I can’t wait to play the real thing!

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Oh, sorry to hear about the freeze! I would like to hear if anyone else have this problem ’cause I don’t know what could cause it… :S

      • FenrisWolf Says:

        Well, I’m happy to say that I just played through the demo again with no freeze ups! I think I’ll go ahead and purchace this tonight!

      • tayron Says:

        It might be the physics engine. I had the same problem when running BBG on a slower computer. the game starts up, the guy shows up, but he doesn’t fall/move/anything. I can hear the music, see the animations, switch between fly and walk, but can’t move.

      • Ryan Moulton Says:

        I have the same problem, but it begins from the very start of the game. The character just hovers in mid air, and I can’t get him to do anything except look left and right. I haven’t been able to move him from where he first appears. Hope this gets fixed, I just bought the game.

        • eriksvedang Says:

          Oh, dang. I hope that some of these problems will be fixed in the patch that WILL come eventually. Try looking into the support page, some people have had the same problem as you and managed to solve it.

          • P2MP Says:

            When i use fruits that change the ground, every animal/seed/berry/fruit/vegetable and the man freezes in the air (except the animation and the game is still running).
            Are there any patch’es or something to fix this up?

    • Tania Says:

      I bought the full version today on Steam and I had the very same freezing problem. I am able to play for two or three minutes and them character freezes in the air. I am able to go back to option menu and the music continues playing, but the character won’t move anymore.
      I tried different resolutions and updating several things (directx, netframework, video drivers…etc) with no success.
      I run the game on a Laptop with windows vista, dual core 2,5 GHz, 4Gb of ram and a Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT.

      • Daniel Says:

        Sucks to be you.
        I’d say you shold try running it from DOS, or shut down any other programmes in the background and they might interupt interloop segmentation currents.

        hope this helps.

      • bobby brown Says:

        I have a problem,that begins at start of the game. my character hovers in mid air too like ryans problem ;/ dont know what to do
        anyone an opinion ?

        • eriksvedang Says:

          Aw, sorry to hear that. Some people at the support page seems to have solved it by updating their “.NET” and “XNA redist” installations to the latest versions. It might be worth a try at least… Hope things work out!

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