Game Design Study Circle

A replica of "The Royal Game of Ur"

This fall I’ve been organizing a study circle for people interested in game design here in Gothenburg. For posterity I kept a blog with reflections and photos from each meeting, you can read it here:

If you live in Gothenburg and would be interested in participating in a similar thing in the future, please contact me! If you live in another city and wish this kind of thing existed there – what are you waiting for? It wasn’t hard at all to organize and I hope the blog can be a good source of ideas.

Getting so much into different board games from all times and places also got me really inspired, so right now I’m working on an app for playing a bunch of these.

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3 Comments on “Game Design Study Circle”

  1. How do you spend your free time?

  2. Chris Says:

    I think this whole game design study group idea is really cool, and very productive. Kudos to you getting out there and culminating the future of game devs lol.

    Honestly though, I actually came here to deliver my thoughts on your most recent accomplishment, else Heart.Break().

    Honestly, as an individual who grew up with an infatuation for coding, I felt your game, your world, was not only extremely well done, but inspiring. You managed to capture not only an entertaining introduction to programming but, more importantly, you were able to create a world that nurtures the imagination and rewards the user with the realization that in game design the world that you are creating is literally yours. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, because this experience has been one I will not soon forget.

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