Christmas Sale!


Hi there!

Even though you can’t tell from the weather here in Sweden (not a snow flake in sight…) it’s actually starting to look a lot like christmas, and that means insanely good prices on interactive digital entertainment products – a.k.a. GAMES!

Here’s a list of my goods, please open your wallets for a starving artist and his fellas <3

Else Heart.Break() – 50% off, now $12.49

Blueberry Garden – 75% off, now $1.24

Kometen – 66% off, now $0.99

Shot Shot Shoot & Tri Tri Triobelisk – $0.99 each

Such tremendous bargains… the perfect late minute gift for your mother, lover or arch enemy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

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3 Comments on “Christmas Sale!”

  1. Luan Says:

    Hi, I just bought Bluberry Garden on Steam. I liked a lot. It is very fun and beautiful, but I found its lack of save/continue a bit discouraging.

    I saw in a webpage ( that you were planning to update the game, however the comment dates from 2012. There are any plans to add a save/continue option anytime soon?

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