Else Heart.Break() has launched!


Finally, after many years it is released! Quite a surreal feeling over here in my apartment where our team has gathered.

Buy it on www.elseheartbreak.com or one of the following places:


Humble Store


Please tell your friends!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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12 Comments on “Else Heart.Break() has launched!”

  1. Yoho Says:

    I know this sounds wildly unlikely, but any chance of an iOS release?

  2. Nixitur Says:

    So, according to the Humble Store page, 4 GB of RAM are required which instantly locks out everyone running a 32-bit system.
    Are those 4 GB a hard lower limit? Like, will it fail to run or crash horribly if it can only use 3 GB? Or am I going to have to reduce the settings and it’ll do mostly fine?
    I have a life-long experience of running games on a computer below “minimum requirements” because most devs up them to where they’re pretty sure the game will run. Some games, however, have fairly hard limits, so I wanted to make sure.

    I know, you’re probably wary of making any guarantees that the game will run on my machine, but, y’know, if there’s a CHANCE that it might run, then that’s good enough for me.

  3. anyposs Says:

    anyposs the admirer leaving a note of admiration to add affirmation to my admiration of you game and its launch-ation. AKA I’m lovin’ it, McDonald’s style!

  4. […] after many years it is released!” said Svedäng in a blog post to mark the occasion. “Quite a surreal feeling over here in my apartment where our team has […]

  5. reifnir Says:

    Yoink! (on GOG :))

    Congrats on getting the game out. Looking forward to playing this weekend!

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