A game jam is an event where game developers come together and make small games during the span of a few days (sometimes just hours). It’s usually both fun and stressful in a strange mix. It’s also a great chance to try out ideas since you don’t have to feel that you should continue working on the project after the event. Unless it turned out really great of course, but that’s OK too  :)

I’m helping out organizing two game jams this summer so I thought I’d write about them here:


This one happens here in Gothenburg June 8 – 10 (that’s soon!) The indie game scene in Gothenburg is really coming together right now but we have never had a jam, so it’s definitely about time. People from other places are very much welcome to come also, of course (we can help with arranging accommodation). The theme for the games will be ‘Camera’ so hopefully that will lead to some interesting stuff being made. More information (in Swedish) can be found at www.enterhake.se.

No More Sweden

This one has been around since 2008! It seems like a lot of people are coming from all over the world so that’s very exciting. Apart from the jam there will also be talks and presentations. This year it’s going to be in Malmö, July 19 – 22. All the information can be found at www.nomoresweden.com.

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4 Comments on “Jams”

  1. Rki Says:

    Do you know of any game jams in Stockholm?

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