Jacob Wallén

One of my best friends when I studied in Skövde was this man, Jacob Wallén. He makes awesome music that you can listen to here. He has also put all his chiptunes up for free there (under ‘XM’). What a guy!

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3 Comments on “Jacob Wallén”

  1. Mårten Says:

    He’s super cute!

  2. Jóhannes G. Says:

    Long time lurker here on your blog, but a first time commenter.

    I’m currently studying in Skövde and on my second year in sound design for video games and that name did ring a bell for me although I couldn’t really place it right away. I then remembered that I actually went to a course last semester where Jacob Wallén’s article “A Combined Model for the Structuring of Computer Game Audio” was used as study material. His model has actually been quite helpful for me when sound designing. You can tell him that there are some sound designers, including me, over here (and elsewhere perhaps?) that are quite thankful for this model.

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