Clairvoyance Gameplay — HAL vs Erik

Hello, dear blog readers! I just posted this over at YouTube:

Clairvoyance is a 3D strategy game in which both players plan their moves simultaneously and then reveal them, often with a surprising outcome! Think of it as Chess meets Rock Paper Scissors — with robots and lasers. It’s played over the internet and players can enter their moves whenever they feel like logging in (asynchronous).

Right now the game is going through a lot of testing, but we hope to release it on Mac and PC pretty soon! (We’re also planning to do an iPad version in the future.)

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The game is being developed by a small group of friends; Erik Svedäng, Johannes Gotlén, Niklas Åkerblad and Oscar Rydelius. This video shows the playback from a complete game where Erik takes on the vicious HAL. Enjoy!

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5 Comments on “Clairvoyance Gameplay — HAL vs Erik”

  1. […] Your latest projekt is called Clairvoyance. Can you tell me some about the idea and […]

  2. Now that i have downloaded the game where i can sing up to be able to play? or else you shouldn’t have made it downloadable yet. thanks

  3. Phil Says:

    Intriguing concept! It’s also strange how I too am designing a game involving asynchronous play, and cubes moving within a grid. But it’s nothing like this game. Anyways, I’ll be interested to play this.

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