No More Sweden (awesome indie party)

Top: Erik Svedäng, Emil Berner, mr anonymous, Petri Purho, Jens Bergensten, Andreas Jörgensen & Jonatan Söderström (Cactus). Bottom: Gøksel (Decipher), Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas), Joel Nyström, Kian Bashiri & Mårten Brüggemann (laying down). Missing: Erik Sjöstrand.

This weekend I arranged a meet-up for Nordic indie game developers. It was really fun hanging out and we created a lot of weird and cool games (and some music).

We had one big game making competition that lasted from 14.00 at Sunday to 18.00 at Monday. The results were truly good and entertaining. My personal favorite was Nifflas’ Avoid the Evil Space Eel that can be downloaded here. I will add more info about the other games later when they are posted on the internet.

On Monday evening Petri Purho held one of the best and most inspiring lectures on game design I have ever heard. The rest of the night felt a bit surreal and I realized that all these talented people actually were in the same room.

Then everybody went home, I miss them already…

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15 Comments on “No More Sweden (awesome indie party)”

  1. […] (Nifflas) har også begået et af slagsen: Avoid the Evil Space Eel. Spillet blev til under “No more Sweden” indie eventet sidste sommer. Spillet er udviklet på 28 timer, og Nifflas havde fået 3 ord, […]

  2. […] little over month ago I was in Sweden, participating this awesome event called No More Sweden. (I’ve been meaning to post a small blog post about that ever since). No More Sweden can be […]

  3. Decipher Says:

    I’m a bit late but let me go on anyways. It was wonderful indeed! I’d like to thank a huge lot to all those awesome people. Especially, seeing Nifflas, Petri and Cactus in the same room was a total boost of enjoyment for the party and thus for me (Believe it or not I didn’t know Cactus before I arrived at Stockholm. Kian said something like “What! You tell me that you never played any Cactus game? How come?”). We had a lot of fun especially that one very childish “Svenska” conversation was one of the funniest moments during the party, apparenty it’s not a good idea to drink Koskenkorva and rant about swedes afterwards :) .

    I’m really sorry for being the laziest person at the party and am the only one who didn’t produce anything but I surely will recover this and give all of you guys a gift for your lovely friendship by releasing something as soon as I can.

    Note: My surname is Gøktas (or Göktas both does it). And yes it rhymes.

  4. corpus Says:

    Hideous (left of cactus on the pic) is 15 or 16, Toadsanime. Quit yer whinin’.

    Looks… succulent.

  5. Toadsanime Says:

    I’ll come, too! I’m sure it’ll be grand.
    *cough-hasn’t had an invite, is still 15, hasn’t made a single game yet and has no form of transportation-cough*

  6. Nifflas Says:

    It was great fun indeed :D I’ll come next time too!

  7. grapefrukt Says:

    I’m sitting here, looking at that picture CRYING BLOOD. There has to be another chance for me to attend this. Damn you New York, damn you to hell!

  8. Toadsanime Says:

    Wow, sounds as if it was an almighty meet up. Developers should definitely do stuff like this occasionally as it allows them all to share their views of game design, thus giving them inspiration for new games. :D

  9. cactus Says:

    Is there any way to get a high res version of that picture? This is one of those things I really want to have a nice picture of so that I can remember it clearly.

    I had a really great time. It was awesome meeting all of you. I really hope we do it again soon :)

  10. ahrg Says:

    fucking release the game O.o

  11. kianis Says:

    Thanks guys! It was so much fun meeting all of you! :)
    It looks like I have a huge right arm on that picture :D

  12. Hideous Says:

    Weren’t you complaining that we were overusing that joke?

  13. Petri Purho Says:


    “You have to…

    …post your own game! :D “


    “You have to post mine as well, I don’t have it here”

    I fixed those for you.

  14. Hideous Says:

    You’ll have to post mine as well, I don’t have it here :P

    All the games in the compo were awesome. This better come again next year!

  15. jeb Says:

    You must…

    …post your own game! :D

    It was great, looking forward to next time!

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