Game Design Study Circle

Posted November 16, 2016 by eriksvedang
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A replica of "The Royal Game of Ur"

This fall I’ve been organizing a study circle for people interested in game design here in Gothenburg. For posterity I kept a blog with reflections and photos from each meeting, you can read it here:

If you live in Gothenburg and would be interested in participating in a similar thing in the future, please contact me! If you live in another city and wish this kind of thing existed there – what are you waiting for? It wasn’t hard at all to organize and I hope the blog can be a good source of ideas.

Getting so much into different board games from all times and places also got me really inspired, so right now I’m working on an app for playing a bunch of these.


Posted August 23, 2016 by eriksvedang
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Hello again,

It’s been great, relaxing summer but now it’s definitely time to get back to work. I have some exciting ideas for new projects but also plans for the older stuff – primarily Else Heart.Break(), Clairvoyance and Slice & Dice. Still some loose ends to tie up…

The new projects are too early to talk about, suffice to say that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about past creations, what I’ve learned, and what direction I want to go in the future. I hope there will be some pleasant surprises for both you and me.

Here’s a list of what I’m all about right now: Tennis, growing vegetables, turning 30, starting a game design study circle (email me if you’re interested and live near Gothenburg).

Thanks for reading and take care,

Else Heart.Break() is in a Humble Indie Bundle!

Posted February 23, 2016 by eriksvedang
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A pretty epic bundle it is, check it out!

Christmas Sale!

Posted December 23, 2015 by eriksvedang
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Hi there!

Even though you can’t tell from the weather here in Sweden (not a snow flake in sight…) it’s actually starting to look a lot like christmas, and that means insanely good prices on interactive digital entertainment products – a.k.a. GAMES!

Here’s a list of my goods, please open your wallets for a starving artist and his fellas <3

Else Heart.Break() – 50% off, now $12.49

Blueberry Garden – 75% off, now $1.24

Kometen – 66% off, now $0.99

Shot Shot Shoot & Tri Tri Triobelisk – $0.99 each

Such tremendous bargains… the perfect late minute gift for your mother, lover or arch enemy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Else Heart.Break() Steam Halloween Sale

Posted October 30, 2015 by eriksvedang
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This weekend Else Heart.Break() is 30% off over at Steam!

Else Heart.Break() has launched!

Posted September 24, 2015 by eriksvedang
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Finally, after many years it is released! Quite a surreal feeling over here in my apartment where our team has gathered.

Buy it on or one of the following places:


Humble Store


Please tell your friends!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Else Heart.Break() Release Date and Trailer

Posted September 9, 2015 by eriksvedang
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Big news – Else Heart.Break() is done and ready for release! It will be out for Windows, Mac & Linux on September 24th. We will sell the game on SteamHumble Store, and

There is also a soundtrack with 56 songs by various artists including El Huervo, Hello World, Sasac, Shelby Cinca, Tor Bruce and Philip E Morris! You can pre-order the soundtrack over at the Swedish Columbia Bandcamp page.

Finally, here’s a new trailer showcasing some more things from the game: